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Focused Session on Polaritronics and Strong-Coupling Phenomena

The infrared and terahertz spectral range is favorable for exploration of strong light-matter coupling, and is home to many collective excitations including intersubband polaritons, plasmon-polaritons, cyclotron-polaritons, phonon-polaritons, and magnon-polaritons. Favorable conditions include the ability to engineer the material excitation (e.g. intersubband transitions, interface phonons), as well as the use of electromagnetic metastructures to enhance the interaction strength. Furthermore, the relatively low photon energy eases the ability to achieve the ultra-strong coupling regime where the polariton splitting is comparable with the photon energy.

This focused session will be a mix of invited and contributed talks, and will bring together researchers working on various problems related to polaritons and strong-coupling phenomena in the infrared and terahertz ranges to spark cross-fertilization and collaboration. It will include an invited tutorial talk providing an introduction to students and researchers new to the field. While we have selected a small number of invited speakers, contributed talks will be considered for upgrades to invited status.

Topics Include:

  • Intersubband polaritons: experiments and theory, ultrastrong coupling
  • Polariton lasers and condensates, optical and electrical pumping, transport and scattering
  • Metamaterials/surfaces for enhanced light-matter coupling
  • Collective effects, superradiant emission, Landau quantization, high B-field physics.
  • New material systems for infrared/THz polaritons

Tutorial Speaker

Alessandro Tredicucci, Università di Pisa

When light is more than a perturbation: what are intersubband polaritons? And how can we use them?

Invited Speakers

Iacopo Carusotto, INO-CNR BEC Center and Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Trento

Intersubband polaritons: new perspectives towards Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum fluids of light, and quantum optics

Christoph Lange, Universität Regensburg

Subcycle dynamics of ultrastrongly light-matter coupled structures

Additional submitted abstracts will be considered for upgrades to invited status.